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Are you looking for an low risk import Sayer dates directly from Khuzestan province?

  • Buying high quality all kind of dried and fresh dates such as Mazafati(Kimia),Kabkab,Sayer dates from fully equipped dates factory and cold storage in Khozestan and Kerman(Bam) Province
  • Buying SAYER (Estamran) dates from a key firsthand exporter and supplier in Khuzestan province &Emirates
  • Various types of custom-made packing with our brand(ALISH) and white label: 5KG,10KG
  • We provide all health and sanitation certificates such as customer needs
  • Payments possible in customers' currencies and in their countries and Issuance of commercial documents in Emirates & Iran ( optional)
  • For watching the video of our factory in youtube channel Click here
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