According to the most updated standards and rules with the best high-tech equipment and machinery, we design safety, quality and legality into our products and manufacturing processes.

General Questions

  • Is the united state of America's sanctions affecting customers?
  •             How we can buy Iranian dried food during the sanction?
  • How fast can you make the shipment?
No, not at all. Our bank account is not in Iran .you do not send money to an Iranian bank account but your commodity comes indirectly from other countries with nothing to do with Iran. American sanction about  buying oil and money transfer to Iranian banks
We deal with all countries in the world but in some countries that have such restrictions we send cargo indirectly, all documents relating to cargo will change that doesn’t show the commodity comes from iran . and also our bank account in another country
It depends on cargo, it takes about 2 or 3 weeks
Prices are different depending on quantities, quality, trem of delivery and also We monitor fluctuating commodity prices, purchasing at ideal times to ensure temporary price spikes don’t negatively impact you, your end product, or your retail price point.

Farad trade one of the reliable, well-trusted and diverse dried fruit and nuts manufacturers and exporters. Proud to announce we are the leading company in the private label/retail industry, allow our customers to design their desired packaging based on the market demand, rules, and regulation. Senior management commitment always focused on sustainability, quality culture, and transparency.
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