Rabbi Date

These dates are completely stretched and are longer than other dates and available in sevral sizes. The color of this date is typically dark brown in color with a dark black color, and its color is red and its color is slightly green and has a thin skin, a color that is brighter than Mazafati dates, low juice, less moisture, a small nucleus. Accractive dark color and soft texture , less humid and hard are feature of this dates. Because of low water in thus kind of date it accounts for having easy transportation and shelf life is longer

Description:black –brown color ,soft , thin,meaty , fully-cling to the flesh
Dates type:semi dry
Storing condition:A:regular warehouse is good enough subject to intrim fumigation
B:cold room under +15 C is recommended for long period
Shelf life:in regular warehouse one year
In cold room over 2 years
Moisture: under 15%
Shape and size :long,oval,size about 4-5
Harvest time:mid- September to mid-octobr
Best time for ordering:September, octobr, november
Growing region: sistan-baluchistan province
Usage:direct consumption or pitted for industrial consumption
Packaging:5kg,10kg carton box
Shipment:dry container,each 20`=17 MT ,40`=28MT