Piarom Date

Piarom Date is one of the Iranian Dates Production.Piarom is known in the world as Maryami dates.because of the extraordinary taste in the country of Iran, There is also a lot of consumption in the world.piarom date are unique in appeareance and are considered one of the most luxuries and expensive varieties of dates that come from hormozgan in south of Iran. Piarom date has thin skin because of its low sugar suitable for diabetic people . piarom palm is mostly cultivated in range of mountains and thes dates mostly organic and does not use any chemical havervest
the Piarom dates are one of the best and richest dates in the world, which just grows in Iran. This semi-dried grows in Hormozgan region. The coloring of this kind is dark brown, round size, perfect for a healthy snack. It has a unique taste. The skin of piarom date is thin. The piarom date has a kind of sugar, which is acceptable for diabetic people. The quality of these dates is very better than other countries such as that of American Medjool. We produce the Piarom dates in "A", "Normal", and "B" grades. The harvest time is Middle of September.

Description:dark brown color,soft,thin,meaty, fully –cling to to flesh, sweet with suitable sugar
Dates type:semi dry
Storing condition:A: regular warehouse is ok subject to interim fumigation
B :in cold room over 2years
Shelf life:A:in regular warehouse over one year
B :in cold cold romm over 2 years
Moisture:under 15%
Shape and size:long , slender, oval ,size about 3-5 cm
Harvest time:octobr
Best time for ordering:octobr/ novomber/december
Growing region: hormozgan province

Usage: used unpitted for direct consumption or pitted for industrial consumption,particulary as nuts with shelled nuts
Packaging:500g clear box,500 g 10 kg carton box
Shipment:dry container ,each 20=17 MT,40 =20 MT