Our dates factory is located in Khuzestan Province  and one of the fully equipped factories in Iran

WE process and packing all kinds of Dates with the take care of health protocols and using the most advanced machinery for washing dates we provide all kinds of pitted and unpitted dates.

the steps of our dates processing mention below:

1.Dates are collected by spreading sheet on the ground and shaking a tree

2.the crop are transported by trucks to factory

3. dates are sent to automatic machine  in order to sepate leaves stems and extra things from dates 

4 classificate the dates to various gardes

5.washing process is done by spraying huge water jets on dates while they are being moved on the ramp

6. the quality are checked by th experts 

7. finally the products are labeled

For watching the video of our factory in youtube channel href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=wOmn8JWTEB4


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