Chopped Date

Chopped dates made of dried dates of sayer(estamaran) date ,which are completely automatically washed and dried . after seprating the pit and war head by putting machine the date is chopped into same size pieces and  to ovoid pastiness and add more dryness the pieces are rolled in high quality flour or powder  its completely mechanical process from Ato Z with absolutely no human touch. This date is good alternative and good option for diabetic patients

Description:dark-brown color ,soft flesh,sweet with suaitable sugar

Dates type:semi dry

Storing condition:A: regular ware house is ok subject to fumigation

B:cold room at+5 to+8 C is recommended for long period

Shelf life:in regular warehouse around 8 months

B: in cold room over 18 months

Moisture:under 16%*

Shape and size : small cubic particle with 10*10 and

Harvest time:N/A

Best time for ordering:N/A

Growing region: Jahrom city in fars province

Usage:direct consumption , used like breackfast ceral with milk bakery snack medicine industrial confictonery

 Packaging:250g , 500g , 5kg, 10kg

Shipment: dry container ,each 20=17MT               ,40 =28MT