dried fruits

Assorted Dried fruits

Farad trade’s delicious freeze-dried Fruit & Vegetables offering the taste and texture of fresh ones.Processed in special chambers at -35 °C to -80°C. They are quickly frozen, then placed in a drying chamber under vacuum. Once the water is removed, they become very light and crispy, while leaving the structure and composition of the raw material intact.

freeze-dried Fruit & Vegetables tend to retain most of their nutritional quality, taste, chemical composition, aroma and most importantly it can concentrate the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals which have bigger impact on body health.

so we can say:“nothing's lost, which is everybody's gain”. Our freeze-dried Fruit & Vegetables is nearly identical to its original. No added sugar, artificial additives or preservatives

This delicious nourishment does not require refrigeration, and can last longer than any other dehydrating methods. They can also be rehydrated very quickly, unlike other dehydrated foods. You can rehydrate them using either cold or hot water, so you can carry the food you need without worrying about having a way to keep the food cold or to heat it up.

Assorted Fruits


Dried apricot

One of the very popular fruits that enter the market in summer is apricots. This delicious and nutritious fruit can be consumed in dry form as well. About half a cup of apricots contains 153 calories energy, 40gms of carbohydrates, 6gms of fiber, 2gms of proteins, 13% of potassium, and 58% of vitamin A.The plum form of this delicious fruit is used as an ingredient of many Iranian foods and as a delicacy in the parties. 1/3rd cup of its dried form contains 101 calories of energy,27gms of carbohydrates, 3gms of fiber, 1gm of protein, 5% of vitamin A and 7% of potassium








Kiwi chips, sour tasting and very palatable is the one that is the best fantasy dried fruit to be considered for sale.

Kiwi fruit is a very savory Iranian taste for the sake of sour and sweet taste. For this reason, the kiwi fruit chips have also been able to obtain a very good place in the nuts market.

The sale of Kiwi chips is usually combined with tropical fruits and is available with different quality degrees in the sales market.






freeze-Dried apples are prepared from sound, properly ripened fruit of the common apple (Malus pumila) by washing, sorting, trimming, peeling (optional), coring, and cutting into segments. The prepared apple segments are properly are produced by applying best quality drying method called as Freeze Drying which results in a dried product without the loss of its original texture, aroma and flavor and having excellent rehydrating quality in warm water. 

Cooking and Baking with Dried Apples


You are probably getting hungry for a good apple right about now but aren’t sure how to use them freeze-dried. For most recipes that call for apples, you can simply rehydrate the apples by adding some water to them and use them as you would a fresh apple. For muffins, bread, pancakes, and other baked goods, you can throw our dried diced apples in the mix –just be sure to add extra water because the apples will soak it up! Freeze-dried apples as well as our other freeze-dried fruits are a favorite snack for kids and adults alike! Just pour yourself a handful and enjoy –guilt free! If you are stocking your pantry, preparing for a long-distance backpacking trip, or have any other need for a great quantity, you can buy our dried diced apples in bulk at a wholesale price.


Honeyville's Freeze Dried Peaches are light and crisp, while the flavors have the perfect balance of sweet and tart that only comes from the freshest peaches. You can use them for any application that calls for peaches, including eating them right out of the can as a healthy snack. Honeyville's freeze dried peaches are great for jams, pies, toppings, smoothies, the possibilities are endless!

Honeyville Freeze Dried Peaches are produced in a process where moisture is removed from the product using a very low temperature and a vacuum. Only about 2 percent moisture remains in the product at the time of packaging. The end product weight is reduced by over 85 percent, while the volume stays the same. This remarkable process concentrates the fresh taste, natural color, and texture of peaches.

When rehydrated, the product will absorb the liquid and resemble fresh peaches once again. The taste is great, and the nutritional value is preserved. Freeze drying provides natural and additive free fruits to be stored effectively for long periods of time. Honeyville Freeze Dried Peaches are an ideal product for long term food storage and emergency preparedness.

Shelf-Life:  Freeze Dried Peaches will store for 10 to 15 years in a sealed #10 can (oxygen absorber included) under ideal storage conditions (cool, dry place). Once opened, it has an average shelf life of 12 to 18 months.

Instructions:  Add 3 parts water to 1 part peach. Allow Freeze Dried Peaches to hydrate for about 20 minutes or until fully rehydrated. Honeyville Freeze Dried Peaches can replace fresh prepared peaches at a rate of 8 to 1. That means that each can of Freeze Dried Peaches is the equivalent of about 6 pounds of fresh peaches.

Uses:  Freeze Dried Peaches can be added directly to your favorite yogurts, oatmeals, or cereals. They can also be rehydrated in fruit recipes or eaten right out of the can as a healthy snack.