Kalle Ghoochi

Kalle Ghoochi is one of the most important commercial cultivars, second only to the Fandoghi cultivar, in terms of importance and the area under cultivation. Kalle Ghoochi pistachios are also known as Jumbo pistachios. Jumbo is large and round pistachio, and it has its own special flavor. The relatively high yield and its large and hazelnut shape fruits are among the main factors of selection and expansion of this cultivar. Kalle Ghoochi has stronger branches compare with the Fandoghi cultivar. It is also more sensitive to water and food shortages. In most of the years, due to early flowering, especially in cold areas, there is a risk of spring frost.

harvested time: in mid-September

  • up to 7% moisture
  • Max 2% close mouth pistachios
  • Max 2.5% Semi-open pistachios