Malayer Raisins

MALAYER RAISINS from Iran The raisin offered by us has pure fructose that helps in offering quick energy to the consumers. These fat-free Malayer raisin are excellent source of fibers and antioxidants. These are cultivated and harvested in a natural and hygienic way without use of any chemicals. They are extensively used in variety of dishes and cuisines. Features: • Rich aroma • High nutritional content • Affordable prices • Wide application in food items
People who are major buyers of raisins are often large cake factories. Major centers raisin sales in Iran include Malekan, Maragheh, Kashmar, Bonab, Midandab and Takestan and Malayer. The mentioned centers are also exporters of raisins in addition to raisin production. The largest suppliers of raisins are located in these cities in Iran
The product in process is from seedless grapes of the Vitis vinifera variety. Sun-dried raisins are seedless grapes dried in direct sunlight and as a result they are typically dark-brown in color. This kind is treated without any additive and is high in sugar level. Sun drying is seen as a natural way to produce raisins that not only gives them a particular intense flavor but also maintains the delicate balance of nutrients of the original grape fruit. Like other types, sun dried raisins are dried, coated with vegetable oil, stemmed, mechanically cleaned, laser and hand sorted then metal detected under extreme care of hygienic conditions and with legal and safety requirements and the customers special