Shahani Date

Shahani date are one of the most important and abundant corps in fars province that include about 95% of the palm trees in jahrom these dates are dainty and have pleasurable shahani ‘s skin is seprated from meat and color is darker with bright brown color.It is known as soft type of date but it consumed dry in some region. They are colorful narrow and elongated and their flavor isw sweet Shahani date is available in three grade of AAA, AA,A.

Description:yellow to light brown color, soft , nice flavor and thin skin, sweet
Dates type:semi dry
Storing condition:A:regular ware house coud be ok for short period subjected to fumigation
B:coldroom at+5 to+8 C is recommended for long period
Shelf life:A:in regular ware house around 4 months
B:in cold room over 1 year

Shape and size :long,oval, narrow and elongated , abot 3-4.5 cm
Harvest time: late September to late october
Best time for ordering:October\novombeer
Growing region: jahrom city in fars province
Usage:direct consumtion as raw material for industrial usage especially for syrup and paste making
Packaging:3kg 5kg carton

Shipment:reefer container is recommended and dry container occasionaly each 20’=17 MT , 40’=28MT