Zahedi Date

Zahedi date is also called Zohdi and Ghasb sate in some other cities sometimes their skin stick to the flesh and sometimes based on whether ,heat, humidity the fruit skin seprate from fleshy part . Low price dates as well as easy storage conditions make these dates one of the most popular domestic and foreign dates.

Dates type:dry
Storing condition: A:regular warehouse not recommended for long time
B:coldroom at+5to+8 c is recommended for long period
Shelf life: regular ware house over one year
B:in cold room over 2 years
Shape and size :short ,oval,round, size about 2.5-3.5 cm
Harvest time:mid-september to mid october
Best time for ordering:September,octobor,novomber
Growing region: Khuzestan, Fars,bushehr,Kermanshah
Usage:used unpitted for direct consumption or pitted for industrial consumption
Packaging:500g, 700g, 7kg, 10 kg carton box
Shipment:dry container,each 20`=17 MT ,40`=28MT

we can distribute  zahedi in two size grades:AA ,A

AA grade:light yellow and brown color and properly sorted   

A GRADE:this type has darker brown yellow color and it has smaller size in compare to the best garde