About FardaTrade

What we do

FARDA TRADE as well-known Iranian dried fruit supplier is one of main key manfcturer and exporter of all kinds of Iranian dried fruit and nuts such as pistachio sultans rainis figs dates ,dates products in the region.


currently Iran tops the list with the high quality production of 472,097 metric tonnes. Iranian pistachios offer various advantages

Sultanas Raisins

Raisins is the product prepared from the sound dried grapes of the varieties conforming charictisics of vitis vinifera L processed

Dates & dates products

Moreover, its taste is very delicious. The moisture of this variety of dates is 20%. In addition, the annual production


About 1.2 million tons fig is produced all over the world which 58 thousand tons of this amount is produced inside Iran.


Barberry is a product of the agricultural strategic of Iran, which is produced in various types of Anari and pufy, mainly and industrially.


Some people or some things are known to change the equations and saffron is one of these things.


Why choose us?

We handpick our raw_materials from our network local farmers, carefully selecting each item always ensuring consistent and premium quality. We take our client’s needs seriously and happily adjust our sourcing delivery and selection to suit your specific business needs.

We offer 100% aflatoxin free guaranteed pistachios too wich as very unique
service offered by FARDA tarde